Evaluating a Cancer Disability under Social Security

When someone is looking to receive approval for disability under the Department of Social Security, it is important to understand the different factors that they are going to consider. The information that has been published by the Department of Social Security can be confusing and some people may not be able to understand the jargon that […]

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The healthcare community has occupied a significant amount of the spotlight with multiple new diagnosis and treatment options; however, certain health care issues continue to plague the system. Cancer is a disease of aging and as people continue to live longer and longer, cancer will only become more common. While it is nice to have […]

Qualifying for SSA Benefits Based on Epilepsy or Other Seizure Disorders

With National Epilepsy Awareness Month currently happening, it is important for everyone to know that they could qualify for SSA benefits based on their seizure disorder, with one example being epilepsy. Of course, like any other medical disorder, whether or not it qualifies for SSA benefits will depend on the criteria that have been established […]

Compassionate Allowances: The Fast Track

When someone has applied for disability from the Department of Social Security, one of the hardest parts is the waiting game. The government is notorious for being slow to do anything and reviewing cases that could potentially qualify for disability is no exception. Fortunately, there is a fast-track available. For people to qualify for the […]

Benefits for a Closed Period of Time

When people are thinking about applying for disability benefits, time is of the essence. Once a diagnosis is made, especially a diagnosis like cancer or other life-shortening illness, the clock is ticking. Because of this, it is vital to file for disability benefits from the Department of Social Security as quickly as possible. Based on […]

Physical & Mental Impairment

Physical & Mental Impairments There are many impairments that can qualify you for your social security insurance claim. Some of them include: Learning Disabilities Cancer Cardiac Impairments Mental Impairments Seizure Disorders For more information about ailments, impairments or disorders, click here. Contact us today fora free evaluation. We have licensed attorneys torepresent clients in Utah, […]

Utah Business Legal Elite 2017

Three Match & Farnsworth Disability Lawyers Named List of Utah’s Legal Elite

Salt Lake City, UT [February 13, 2017] Match & Farnsworth, a Salt Lake City legal firm exclusively dedicated to handling Social Security disability claims, announced today that three of their attorneys were named by their peers to the list of Utah Legal Elite. Firm founding partners Marva Match and Heather Farnsworth were both voted to […]

Sierra Jefferies attorney

Sierra Jefferies

Sierra Jefferies   Sierra Jefferies holds a Bachelor of Arts from Westminster College and received her law degree from the University of Utah. Ms. Jefferies has practiced in the area of Social Security Disability law since 2008. Ms. Jefferies has been active in the legal community as a member of Women Lawyers of Utah and also […]

Krista Beardsley

Krista Walker

Meet Krista Walker Krista Walker has been assisting clients in their Social Security Disability claims since 2003 and has been a paralegal since 2007. She graduated from LDS Business College with a duel Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies and Executive Assistant in 2007. Krista is a member of the Cancer Bites board and helps raise […]