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Applying for Disability Benefits While Self Employed

social security administrationThere are many people who require disability benefits to make ends meet.

Unfortunately, the qualification process for disability benefits under Social Security can be a confusing process which is made even more challenging depending on the types of earnings that an individual has.

The Social Security department looks at the earnings from an employer differently from the earnings that someone makes while they are self-employed. Therefore, these earnings are placed into two different categories when trying to decide if someone makes enough money to disqualify them from receiving any of the disability benefits.

In order to figure out if self-employment income reaches this point, there are three separate tests that the department will use. These are outlined both in ruling 83-34 on Social Security and are detailed in this article.

Understanding these tests is crucial when trying to advise someone on whether or not they can expect to receive benefits from Social Security Disability.

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