Attorney Is Valuable In A Claim For Disability Benefits

An Attorney Is Valuable In A Claim For Disability Benefits

Many applicants for Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income benefits are under the impression that applying for benefits is as simple as contacting the Social Security Administration, filling out some forms, and submitting an application. 

In fact, this isn’t the case.  The application process requires extensive paperwork, much of it not readily available or attached to the initial application.  It is very easy to make mistakes or errors which could compromise your eligibility for benefits.

 A very high percentage of applications are denied and many of those are denied for technical reasons such as a failure to provide complete paperwork and authorizations and others are denied for a failure to provide complete information. 

Hiring an experienced attorney prior to submitting a claim for benefits will greatly increase your chances of being allowed benefits.  An experienced attorney can assist you with compiling the paperwork and medical records that are necessary to show that you suffer from disabling impairments that render you unable to work.  

The information provided on your application is retained throughout the entire process if you need to appeal a denial on a claim for benefits.  This means that any errors on an initial application will follow you through the entire process.  The assistance of an attorney is extremely valuable in properly preparing and presenting an application for benefits.

The assistance of an experienced attorney is even more important if you are denied benefits and need to appeal the denial.  If a claim is denied, it is reasonable to assume that there is a problem somewhere in the process.  This could consist of missing or incorrect information or more technical issues such as a lapse in your coverage for benefits. 

At this point, an attorney can obtain:

  • Social Security Administration’s analysis of your claim
  • Determine why the claim was denied
  • Formulate a plan to overcome the rationale for the denial of the claim.  

They will help you to: 

  • Obtain missing evidence
  • Correct mistakes
  • Advocate on your behalf to ensure that the Social Security Administration has all the information and understanding that is required to grant you the benefits you need and deserve.

Rely on an Experienced Attorney To Help with Disability Benefit Claims

Additionally, our office is available to prepare and submit a full application for Supplemental Security Income on your behalf. At Match and Farnsworth, we are here to help you with your Social Security Disability Claims. Contact us today and let us guide you!

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