Benefits for a Closed Period of Time

When people are thinking about applying for disability benefits, time is of the essence. Once a diagnosis is made, especially a diagnosis like cancer or other life-shortening illness, the clock is ticking. Because of this, it is vital to file for disability benefits from the Department of Social Security as quickly as possible.

Based on the information provided by the Department of Social Security, families can file for disability benefits for up to 12 months from the initial date of the disability. This date is often the date of the diagnosis, which is found in the medical records.

This information means that families can receive benefits for a period of one year before the date that the application was filed. This also means that, if the start date of the disability was more than a year prior to filing the application, an otherwise valid case could be denied.

Any delay can impact a family’s ability to receive benefits which they desperately need. While the process of applying for benefits may sound scary, families should get the ball rolling as quickly as possible. For help, meet with a trained legal professional. There are people available to help.

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