Understanding Social Security Benefits: The Childcare Dropout Years

There are many people who rely on Social Security Disability benefits to support themselves. In order for someone to budget properly, they need to know how much support they are going to receive financially from the Social Security Administration. There are numerous factors that are going to play a role when the Social Security Administration calculates the size of these benefits. Some of the most important factors include the amount of money the individual has paid into the Social Security system, their average income monthly over the past several years, and even whether or not someone has taken time off from work to raise a child. These childcare years could be an important factor in determining just how much money someone receives on a monthly basis. Therefore, it is vital for everyone to understand how these childcare years could impact the size of their monthly benefit. 

The Basics of Childcare Dropout Years

When the Social Security Administration calculates the amount a person is entitled to, they will look at the average monthly income of that person over the past several years. There are adjustments that the Social Security Administration might make to a person’s income depending on how their life changed during that time. For example, the Social Security Administration is going to drop the lowest five years of earnings during that time period. These may represent years when someone was still in school, working part-time, or otherwise unable to work full time. Another such adjustment the Social Security Administration might make is the “Childcare Dropout Years.”

If someone qualifies for this adjustment, the Social Security Administration will drop the years during which someone had childcare responsibilities. This could prove beneficial if someone was unable to work due to the responsibilities of raising a child. When these low earnings are dropped from someone’s total, it results in a higher monthly average. This could make a tremendous difference in someone’s benefits in the long run and lead to an improved quality of life. Therefore, it is important for everyone to understand how to qualify for Childcare Dropout Years. 

How to Qualify for Childcare Dropout Years

In order for someone to qualify for the Childcare Dropout Years, there are several criteria that must be met. These include:

    • The individual must not have had any earnings for the year(s) during which they are requesting the adjustment be applied. 
    • During this time, the child must have been under the care of the individual or his or her spouse.
    • The child must have been under the age of three years for at least nine months of that year

If someone qualifies for this adjustment, there are also procedures in place for determining the maximum number of childcare years for which someone can qualify. In general, this follows the 1-for-5 rule. If the period in question is less than 5 years, the individual may not qualify for any childcare years at all. On the other hand, if the period in question is 15 years, that individual might qualify for 3 of these childcare years. Ensuring that these years are applied appropriately is important.

The Importance of Applying the Childcare Dropout Years

It is important for everyone who is applying for Social Security benefits to receive the maximum benefit that he or she deserves. This means ensuring that every adjustment, including those for childcare, are applied accurately. If someone has left the workforce for a period of time to take care of a child, they need to receive credit for this time. Nobody should have their income unfairly impacted by the decision to raise a child. This is the goal of the Childcare Years stipulation. When someone receives credit for these Childcare Dropout Years, this makes a big difference in their monthly benefit amount. Furthermore, there are trained professionals who can help everyone receive the Social Security benefits that they deserve.

Relying on the Help of a Legal Professional

It can be challenging for the average person to navigate the complicated process of applying for and receiving Social Security Disability benefits. It is important for everyone to make the strongest case possible because their overall quality of life could depend on the amount of these benefits moving forward. Therefore, anyone who has questions or concerns regarding the Social Security Disability application process should rely on the help of a trained and experienced legal professional. At Match & Farnsworth, we take great pride in serving clients across the entire country, including the Salt Lake City, Utah, area. Our trained and experienced lawyers have helped countless people through the Social Security Administration’s application and appeal process with regard to benefits. We take the time to understand each individual’s personal situation, allowing us to present the intricate details of your case effectively to a judge. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.


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