Common Reasons why SSA Claims for Seizures are Denied

Unfortunately, there are many people who suffer from seizures and do not have their claims honored. This can leave individuals and their families struggling to make ends meet. Because of this, it is vital for everyone who is considering an SSA claim to understand why these claims are denied so that these mistakes can be avoided.

Common Reasons for a Denial of an SSA Claim

Perhaps the most common reason why an SSA claim is denied is that the individual is not taking their anti-seizure medication as prescribed by their doctor. For a claim to be honored, the individual needs to be taking their seizure medication properly. In order to make this decision, the judge is going to look at the reports of compliance before making his or her decision. This could include:

  • The individual is refilling their medication at the pharmacy at an expected rate
  • The person is seeing their doctor on a regular basis
  • The levels of the anti-seizure medication in the bloodstream is appropriate
  • People have been taking illicit or illegal substances, which can also be detected in the bloodstream and could cause a seizure

There are many people who are not willing to try a new medication that has been recommended by their doctor. Some people may even stop taking their medication because they think that the medication has “cured” his or her seizure disorder. Others could have weighed the risks of the seizure against the side effects of the medication and decided to stop the medication altogether. While these may seem like “good” reasons to not take a medication, it is important to remember that seizures can be deadly. People should take their medication as prescribed. Judges know this as well. Therefore, they may deny an SSA claim because of an individual’s failure to comply with their prescribed medication regimen.

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