Compassionate Allowances: The Fast Track

When someone has applied for disability from the Department of Social Security, one of the hardest parts is the waiting game. The government is notorious for being slow to do anything and reviewing cases that could potentially qualify for disability is no exception. Fortunately, there is a fast-track available.

For people to qualify for the “fast-track,” they need to have a condition that is so severe that there is absolutely no doubt that it should be covered. The government does have a list of conditions that qualify for this “fast-track” and it is kept on their website at this location. As a summary, these are all conditions that:

  • Have an intense treatment course that is going to have tremendous side effects that pose a significant detriment to someone’s quality of life
  • Are generally cancers that have a less favorable prognosis, with low survival rates, high mortality rates, and low qualities of life
  • Conditions that are going to lead to a large amount of missed time from work or school, which would greatly impact the ability for a family to make ends meet

The health conditions that are listed on the website can be found in alphabetical order. Everyone needs to take the first step of meeting with their doctor to get a good idea of how serious their condition is. Then, people should take a look at the list above. It could allow someone to receive their benefits in an expedited manner.

Don’t leave this valuable information on the table. Meet with a legal professional today to review the case. Go to our Helpful Information page for more information about cancer and other ailments that qualify for social security insurance.

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