Consistency Matters to the Social Security Administration

There are lots of different pieces of information that the Social Security Administration is going to use when they decide whether or not someone will receive disability benefits. One of these is the consistency of the information throughout the medical record. Specifically, the agency is looking for consistency between the individual’s statements and the medical record.

For example, if the medical record says that the person is able to walk a mile before experiencing symptoms, the Social Security Administration would expect the individual’s statement to say something similar. On the other hand, if the individual says that they cannot walk to the mailbox yet the medical record says that they can walk across town without issue, this is going to be a red flag. Some of the other statements in the medical record might include:

  • The ability to lift certain weights
  • Whether or not someone can stand for an extended period of time
  • Someone’s ability to handle stairs

Remember, even during the interview process, the SSA will be assessing someone’s ability to sit. Consistency matters throughout the medical record, the individual’s statements, and during the interview process as well.

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