Why Does it Take So Long to Get My First Disability Check?

The process of applying for Social Security disability can be long and arduous. Therefore, once you find out that you have qualified for benefits, you might be frustrated to hear that you need to wait again. The judge has already found you disabled, so why is there another delay?

Unfortunately, many people are active in the review & approval process between your application and confirmation of your disability and eligibility for financial benefits. This includes the judge’s local office and your specific local office. These extra hurdles can lead to significant delays in receiving your first SSA check and they are required to ensure that your social security payment lands in the right place.

How long does this process take to complete?

In general, your first SSA check should take about two to four weeks to receive after the judge has made a decision. However, there are some circumstances that might increase this wait time.

Questions that might increase your wait time for your first check include:

  • Is the claim for SSDI benefits, SSI benefits, or both?
  • Have you received any Workman’s Compensation benefits during the application process?
  • Do you require a payee to help disperse these benefits?

During the waiting period, you might continue to receive inquiries from the SSA office. It is important to continue to respond to these inquiries to ensure that further delays do not occur. You might get nervous when you are asked to answer these additional questions; however, answer them honestly, truthfully, and quickly.

Remember: once you have been confirmed disabled, you have already jumped the biggest hurdle. Don’t give up at the end of the process!

What if the check never comes?

Of course, mistakes can still be made and people’s checks might be inexorably delayed. It is understandable that this might create some additional worries. Therefore, do not hesitate to reach out to the attorneys at Match & Farnsworth with any questions or concerns about the disability process. The process is challenging and it helps to have a trained and experienced legal professional to provide assistance.

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