Impairment-related Work Expenses

The Social Security Administration allows you to work in limited amounts while waiting for them to process your application. They also allow you to deduct any impairment-related work expenses  necessary to perform your job.



The most common example is medications used to control disabling symptoms. It is important to note you must actually incur the expenses personally. Medications paid for by an insurance company are not deductible from wages to help qualify to receive disability benefits.

To ensure you are not earning too much to be eligible for Social Security benefits, medical expenses can be deducted from your total wages if they are:

  • Expenses medically required to be able to perform your job
  • Expenses actually paid by you


Let Us Help

If you currently work and incur significant costs to perform your work due to disabling impairment, contact an attorney at our office today, and we will provide our expert opinion on how those costs will impact your disability claim.

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