Important Considerations of the 75-Day Waiver

It can be hard to file for Social Security Disability benefits. During this process, individuals will be asked to fill out mountains of paperwork, gather official documents, submit their claim only to be faced with a prolonged waiting period. In some cases, individuals might become frustrated and look for ways to expedite their claim. This is where the 75 day waiver might be considered; however, there is some important information to remember.

An Overview of the 75-Day Waiver

The 75-day waiver targets the policies of the Social Security Administration. Their policy is that they need to notify their applicants at least 75 days in advance of their hearing date. This gives you time to prepare your case after receiving a hearing date. It is prudent for you to use this time to present the strongest case possible at their SSA hearing.

By signing the 75-day waiver, individuals are telling the administration that they do not need 75 days to prepare their case. If cases are cancelled or rescheduled, the SSA will try to fill these open slots with those who have signed the 75-day waiver. While this might get your case heard sooner, there is some other important information for you to consider.

The Consequences of Signing the 75-day Waiver

If you sign the 75-day waiver, you could get your case heard sooner; however, there are some important drawbacks that you should know. Some of these include:

  • The scheduled hearing date might not allow you much time to prepare a strong claim
  • Medical systems might not have enough time to submit medical documents and records for your hearing
  • Important information relevant to your case could be overlooked
  • You might not be ready for your hearing

These drawbacks could lead to an unfavorable ruling at your case that could have been avoided. For this reason, make sure that your case is as strong as possible. Signing the 75-day waiver is not an easy decision, so make sure to meet with an experienced attorney to go over all of the relevant information. If you are in need of legal representation, contact Match & Farnsworth Disability Attorneys to speak with a friendly representative.

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