Is the 75-Day Waiver Right for You?

It can be challenging to wait for the SSA disability office to provide you with a hearing date. You might be in need of these benefits to help pay for medical bills, put food on the table, and provide for your family. It is understandable for you to want your benefits as quickly as possible. You might have heard that the 75 day waiver could be an option to expedite your Social Security Disability claim. While this could get your case heard more quickly, is this the right decision for your case?

Should You Consider Signing the 75-Day Waiver 

Should you check the box for the 75-day waiver? It could get your case heard sooner. Some of the most common reasons why individuals want their cases heard more quickly include:

  • You require assistance in an urgent way
  • You are faced with a terminal illness
  • You could end up homeless

While signing this form may get your case heard sooner, this doesn’t guarantee you a positive result regarding your application. Remember that if you are facing homelessness or terminal illness, your case has already been flagged for expedited processing. The waiver might not be necessary. Clearly, this is a complicated decision. Make sure your questions are answered by an experienced legal adviser. If you need legal assistance, contact Match & Farnsworth Disability Attorneys today to review your case with an experienced attorney.


The 75-Day waiver can impact the status of an SSA disability application. What is the 75-Day waiver? Why does it matter?  

Some individuals may have heard about the 75-Day waiver. Who should consider filing this waiver? Why is it important?  

The 75-Day waiver can be a source of confusion for individuals and families. What are some important points to remember?  

Is the 75-Day waiver something you should request? How does it impact the status of your SSA disability application?  

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