Utah Business Legal Elite 2017

Professional Achievement Highlights The Firm’s Social Security Disability Law Expertise

Marva Match and Heather Farnsworth have each again been named to the Utah Legal Elite, an honor voted by their legal peers. Their specialty is Social Security Disability Law, and Ms. Farnsworth is one of only seven attorneys in the Utah Legal Elite Healthcare category. Ms Match is featured in the Labor & Employment category. Inclusion in this very select group of professionals demonstrates the depth of expertise and success the duo has created in this practice.

Ms. Match has devoted her legal career to assisting people who need help to file for Social Security Disability. She has specialized in Social Security Disability Law since 1995, building an outstanding reputation spanning twenty-two years.

Heather Farnsworth began her career as a Social Security Disability lawyer upon graduation in 2002. The partners work with claimants throughout the process, guiding the claimants and their families through a process that goes on during what is often a very stressful time. They handle administrative claims in all 50 states to help individuals throughout the often-complicated process.

The Social Security Disability benefits process can be daunting at best, and is often impossible to navigate for the individual or family members caring for the loved one. Consider some of these scenarios, which are quite common to those disabled (and not the only challenges):

  • Confused about the process
  • Unable to physically complete the tasks involved due to illness/disability
  • In substantial pain that may cause impaired ability to articulate or process information appropriately
  • Overwhelmed family members who need to cope with a  host of challenges
  • Lack of knowledge as to qualifying factors
  • No available family to handle the claim process

Depth of experience and comprehensive knowledge of the law provide the essentials Ms. Match and Ms. Farnsworth use in practice daily, so clients receive the benefits they deserve.

It’s quite fitting their peers recognize them repeatedly with this honor.

Practice Expertise Demonstrated By Associate Garners Honor

The ability to not only understand the vast needs of their diverse client base as well as the maintenance requirements of a successful practice is evident in the firm. Partners Match and Farnsworth recognize strong legal talent.

The Utah Legal Elite honor in the ‘Up and Coming’ category voted to Match and Farnsworth Law Firm Associate Ryan Oldroyd is testimony to their ability to mentor and manage in their practice as well as to his overall legal acumen. This honor is voted to recognize those less experienced in their specialties who exhibit ability, leadership, and exemplary service. He began practicing in Social Security Disability Law upon graduation from law school in 2010.

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