October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The healthcare community has occupied a significant amount of the spotlight with multiple new diagnosis and treatment options; however, certain health care issues continue to plague the system. Cancer is a disease of aging and as people continue to live longer and longer, cancer will only become more common.

While it is nice to have a lot of new treatment options, this also means that these new options are expensive. This can leave working-class families struggling to figure out how to make ends meet. With October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, there are several important points that everyone needs to remember. Some of the statistics that have been released by BreastCancer.org include:

  • About one out of every eight women in this country will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their adult years
  • Each year, more than 250,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time
  • While many people believe that breast cancer is a female disease, more than 2,500 men are diagnosed each year as well
  • Despite the improved survival rates, more than 40,000 people still die from breast cancer every year

This information paints a clear picture of a severe disease that impacts countless families across the country. People who have been diagnosed with breast cancer need to seek appropriate medical care; however, these treatment options often have side effects that can drastically impact someone’s quality of life. This could mean that people are unable to attend school, hold down a job, or help out around the house.

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