Heather Farnsworth President Elect Of The Utah Bar

The Utah Bar Association rotates its presidents on a regular basis in an effort to generate new and fresh ideas. Back in the spring, the Utah Bar Association announced that its current president, Herm Olsen, is going to give way to a new president-elect, Heather Farnsworth. During her time as a lawyer, Heather Farnsworth has enjoyed tremendous success as a Social Security disability attorney, helping those in need receive the benefits that they deserve. She has compiled an impressive Social Security disability (SSDI) claims approval rate of between 90 and 95 percent. She will seek to bring the same drive and passion from her SSI work to her newly elected position as president of the Utah Bar Association.

A Three-Year Term

Heather Farnsworth has been elected to serve as president of the Utah Bar Association. She was sworn in as president-elect at the annual summer convention which took place in Park City at the Canyons resort. She has big ideas and broad visions for her time as president.

Serving as president of the Utah Bar Association is a three-year term. For the first year, Heather is going to serve as the Utah Bar president elect where she will learn more about the position and its goals under the outgoing president, Herm Olsen. Olsen has had a successful run as the current president of the Utah Bar Association and Heather is going to look to build on many of his successes. After one year as Utah Bar president elect, Heather will be sworn in as full president. After serving for a year as full president, she will serve her final year as past president. Heather already has goals for her time heading up the Utah Bar Association.

Loosening the Regulations of the Utah Bar

One of the goals that Heather has for her time as president is to try and loosen some of the regulations that have been put in place by the Utah Bar. In some situations, these regulations can make it hard for some firms, and their clients, to have access to justice. One of the ways that Heather feels this can be changed is by allowing firms to experiment with different software developers and accountants. Every Utah attorney firm is different and some methods of operation work better for some firms than others. Lawyers and their partners need to have the freedom to operate their software and carry out their accounting in a way that is most appropriate for their practice. Through this method, firms will increase their efficiency with these tasks, freeing them up to focus on the people who truly matter, their clients.

Improving Work-Life Balance for Lawyers and Firms

Heather’s big goal for her time as president is to focus on improving work-life balance for lawyers and firms. There has been a large culture shift in multiple areas of the economy towards a focus on mental health, emotional well-being, and personal livelihood. Unfortunately, this shift hasn’t been as apparent in the legal field. Right now, many lawyers still like to focus on how busy they are and how much time they spend at the office. This can take a tremendous toll on their mental and emotional health.

Heather knows that the younger generation is going to have a greater expectation of a work-life balance. For this reason, she is heading up a committee to drive a shift away from billable hours and more towards getting the work done in a timely manner in a way that is best for the client. In this fashion, she is trying to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to emotional health and well-being.

Right now, this is just an exploratory idea; however, she wants to effect a culture shift. The committee knows that every firm is different. Heather is trying to find a way to make this work for small firms and large firms alike. She knows that everyone should have a life outside of work and should be able to spend ample time with their family. As the culture continues to shift in this direction, Heather is driving the legal community to adapt. This drive will improve the mental health of lawyers all over the region, which will allow them to better serve the clients who need them.

Trust the Professionals at Match and Farnsworth

While Heather Farnsworth is looking forward to taking on her new role as president of the Utah Bar Association, she is still going to be a valuable partner as a Utah attorney Match and Farnsworth, where she has enjoyed tremendous success. Heather has developed a stellar reputation throughout the legal community by dedicating herself to the needs of her clients. It is this reputation and track record of unparalleled success that helped her get elected as president of the Utah Bar Association. Anyone who needs help with Social Security disability (SSDI or SSI) claims should contact Match and Farnsworth today to learn more.

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