If I rent a room in my home, will it affect my SSI benefits?

The answer to this question depends on whether you rent or own the property.rent a room in my home (1)

If you are a renter, and a roommate pays part of the rent, that is considered income for the landlord and should not affect your benefits.  However, it is prudent to add a roommate to the lease to avoid problems with that income being deemed to you.


However,  if you own a home and rent out a room, the income will most likely be counted as unearned income and may result in a reduction in your benefits.


These rules only apply to Supplemental Security Income.  If you have entitlement to Social Security Disability benefits it is unlikely that rental income will impact your receipt of benefits unless you are spending many hours per month operating and maintaining rental properties.


It is always wise to seek the advice of an attorney if you are concerned that your entitlement to benefits may be at risk.  Contact Match and Farnsworth PC at 801-532-4556 for a consultation.

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