Tax Rebates For Social Security Recipients


Recipients of Social Security Disability benefits (and retirement benefits) who have an adjusted gross income of $75,000 for an individual, $112,500 for head of household and $150,000 for a married couple who are not the dependent of another taxpayer and who have a valid, work eligible Social Security number are eligible to receive a tax rebate in the next few weeks. There is no qualifying income requirement so even individuals with $0 income for the past two years are eligible for a rebate.  

The vast majority of Americans will require no action on their part to receive a rebate check. The IRS will use 2019 or 2018 to compute the rebate amount.  

The current information indicates that, for recipients of Social Security Disability or retirement benefits, the IRS will use information from your 1099 payment information to issue the rebate.  

Things may be a bit more complex for recipients of Supplemental Security Income benefits (SSI). Individuals who receive that benefit are still entitled to the rebate, but we are currently unsure how the rebate will be computed or if it will count as unearned income for the recipient.  We will post updated information as soon as we have complete details. 

Please be aware that this information is taken from the Republican Finance Committee staff for informational purposes and should not be relied on for legal advice. Individuals should consult the IRS or a tax advisor to address questions related to their individual circumstances.  You can read the entire report from the Finance Committee here.

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