SSD and SSI Benefits Function Reports

Social Security disability formAn important part of your application for Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income Benefits is the Function Report, which is a form about your daily activities and capacities.  It is sometimes called an activities of daily living questionnaire or Form SSA 3373.  This form is very important, Social Security utilizes this form to determine how well you function, what you can and cannot do on a daily basis and how consistent or credible you are.  We advise claimants to complete the form fully, but to be brief in their answers and to keep in   mind that Social Security is utilizing the information that is provided to determine if you might be able to perform some kind of work in the national economy.  That means that claimants should be sure to point out any physical or mental difficulties that they have in performing specific activities.

Sometimes a claimants answers on a function report can make it seem that a claimant is able to perform activities that they actually have great difficulty performing on a regular or consistent basis.  So it is important to that a claimant be sure to point out when activities are difficult, painful, inconsistent or modified.  It is also important that claimants point out accommodations that they have made to be able to do basic activities.  It is also important to document changes in your ability to function as your condition might progress.

This form asks questions about your ability to perform basic household activities and basic functional questions about your ability to sit, stand, walk, use your arms and hands, lift, concentrate, remember and get along with others.  It will also ask questions about hobbies and things that you do to relax.  The most important thing about this form, is to clearly explain the problems that your disabilities cause with these activities.


For more information about Function Reports, click here.

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