Third Party Statements

In previous posts about your disability claim and how others can support your claim, we discussed the qualified medical sources as well as various “treating source statements”.  The Social Security Administration uses evidence from many different sources when evaluating your claim including your own medical records, exams that Social Security schedules with their doctors for you, forms filled out by you, and statements from those who know you and can give an opinion on your ability to work.

What is a 3rd Party Statement?

Third party statements are statements that come from people who know you, but who do not have any medical training. Even though such individuals are not qualified to give an opinion on your medical condition, statements from them can still be supportive of your claim.

Statement from Family & Friends

For example, if you have a relative or a friend that lives with you, a statement from them outlining what problems you have (including an inability to cook, clean, or take medications without reminders) can be beneficial to your claim.

Other Source Statements

Additionally, statements from former employers outlining the problems you had performing your job that relate to any medical impairment can also be useful and supportive of your claim.

For more about the disability process and tips that you can take to expedite and impact your claim, click here. Call our office today to learn more about what kind of third party statements can help win your claim.

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