Treating source statements

The Social Security Administration uses evidence from many different sources when evaluating your claim. This evidence includes your own medical records, examinations that Social Security schedules with their doctors for you, forms filled out by you, and statements from those who know you and can give an opinion on your ability to work.

Who is more important?

The Social Security Administration pays the most attention to statements made by your doctors and other health care providers. More weight is given to statements from acceptable medical sources, such as doctors, psychologists, and physician’s assistants, than from non-acceptable medical sources, which include providers such as L.C.S.W.s, physical therapists, or nurse practitioners. For this reason, it’s important to try to obtain a statement from a physician regarding the severity of your medical impairments and how they impact your ability to work.

As a general rule, the more specific and detailed your provider is, the better. This is because reviewers are looking for specific limitations caused by your medical impairments that preclude you from working, rather than a blanket statement from a provider simply stating that they do not feel you can work.

For information about the disability process, check out these blog posts. And then call our office today to find out what types of statements from your providers can be helpful in your case.

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