What are the Wait Times to Receive a Decision on Social Security and Disability Claims?

Filing a social security disability claim can be a long and arduous process. Many people become inpatient as they wait for a decision on their hearing. There are lots of reasons why a social security disability status can be slow to change. These include:

  • Some hearing offices take longer to put a case together or completing the work after a case is heard
  • Other offices may take their time deliberating over a case because every judge is different
    Hearing offices might be slow to issue a decision after the hearing if they are short on decision writers
  • In some cases, additional medical evidence needs to be collected and processed. This process can become even longer if a judge requests that can additional medical exam be performed before making a decision.

In general, a hearing office takes an average of between 40 and 79 days to make a final decision once a case has been heard. Of course, this is an average. Some people may receive a decision on their social security disability claim status in a couple of weeks while other cases could take 100 days or more to make a decision.

Ultimately, every case is different. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider meeting with an experienced attorney who can provide more information on the wait time based of this SSI disability on the specifics of the case, the hearing office, and the judge making the decision. For more information about wait times and how they can affect your claim,  click here.



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